The best shopping in the west: formal wear

It’s that time of your adult life when, instead of your prom being the only time to think about formal wear, you have weddings, work or family Christmas parties, and if you are already that important, a gala night here or there.

Living on the opposite side and lifestyle of the metropolitan area, one might think shopping for those kinds of events simply does not happen over here on the west side, but actually it does and I’ve come to find options even better than what I’ve had in the city. So for your next formal or semi-formal event fashion needs here are my two recommendations for where to shop:

1. In White Boutique

This boutique is every fashion girl’s dream with formal looks ranging from classic, glamorous, edgy to chic. Its the first place I look for formal wear not just because I know I’ll have several options to choose from, but also the prices are reasonable and there’s usually a good sale. When I drive near Plaza Isabela I can’t help but impulsively checkout In White’s window displays because there’s always something I fall in love with like this high low black dress with iridescent sequins I wore to my friend’s wedding last weekend.

My friend Marlen who’s wedding I went to wearing In White, wore a silver and pleated version of my halter dress from In White at Pratt and Whitney’s Christmas party.

This glittery green halter dress is also from this boutique and I wore that to my husband’s Christmas work party which tends to be a semi-formal event most people dress formal for anyway. In White isn’t just great for formal though. I’ve also found some very fashionable sets, tops, and short dresses like the white body-con you see here which I wore to my bachelorette party.

2. Lyla

This place’s expertise is formal wear and its a one-stop-shop for your whole look, in case you need accessories too. I was invited to a wedding with a black tie dress code at the Vanderbuilt Hotel in San Juan so all I could think of was that I had to go all-out glamorous and remembered that’s what the window display of this boutique said to me every time I passed it as I drove home. When I got there, it was near closing time but regardless the service was so nice and attentive that I was able to choose and try on a dress so easily and with a dress as beautiful as this, believe me, it WAS easy! Also for those of you planning weddings, Lyla has great options for bridesmaids.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the beautiful rose gold heels I’m wearing in most of these photos, those were my wedding shoes and I wear them every formal chance I get! They are Ted Baker and I bought them through ASOS.

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