My top 3 places to eat in Aguadilla

I feel like having more than two options to make decisions on where to go, what to do, what to wear, and what to eat tends to be more satisfying. So you’ll notice posts like this one will seem similar in that my recommendations will usually come in threes. Do keep in mind though that I have many food recommendations in Aguadilla alone, but I’m planning to share those in more specific categories like brunch, coffee, tapas, etc. You could say these 3 are really the top for lunch and dinner or in general. They all serve very different types of food and in very different settings, but what they all have in common is that their food is deliciously creative.

1. El Picnic

What I order from El Picnic’s regular menu when I’m “monchosa”: Fish and chips

My husband and I could probably go to El Picnic every week and never get tired of it because they have a whole new special menu every time that never lets us down. No pressure to the head Chef Benny by the way! He’s really a master at what I think could be described as comfort gourmet food. The options are great because almost always there’s fresh fish, great cuts of meat, and super savory veggie dishes. However, I’m usually craving a couple of things from their regular menu such as their “Amor Amarillo” which is a pair of jalapeño poppers with the Puerto Rican divine touch of ripe plantains that are then breaded and fried to perfection, and the other is Benny’s fish and chips which I can’t say or think about without my mouth watering. So if its your first time at El Picnic I recommend you try those first.

“Amor Amarillo” another staple from El Picnic

2. Restaurante Marina’s

Rabbit Stew at the top and Chef’s Mediterranean Special on the bottom.

Restaurante Marina’s is that hidden gem in Aguadilla even though its right near the town plaza. Every time we go here it feels like we have our own personal chef, not only because the place is always comfortably empty, but because Chef Carlos himself always steps out of the kitchen to take our order or more like help us customize it. His menu is extensive and international which at first makes you think its one of those restaurants trying to please everyone without specializing in anything, but Carlos knows his stuff and you can tell he loves it. From the menu I recommend trying one of the items that says something like “Chef Special Creation” which you can pick to be Mediterranean, Oriental, Mexican, Italian, and I might be missing a few options. Chef Carlos will brainstorm the dish on the spot and will make it vegan if you desire and if you approve what you’ll get is a delicious medley of that selection you make. That and anything he’s serving off the menu will always be an awesome choice to try authentic Criollo food if you are new to that or to have an experience as if you were new to that.

Fresh snapper with root vegetable mash and on the bottom stuffed lobster special with mofongo

3. Tako-G

Pho made with fresh fish and garlicky tostones to die for

Tako-G is the headliner at the Aguadilla Foodtruck Park in road 110. It might as well be a high-end Asian fusion restaurant because that is how the dishes look and taste like. Once you try it you won’t have Asian food cravings you’ll have Tako-G food cravings. They have sushi, ramen, pho, stuffed avocados, the yummiest stir-fried rice, and basically all the food you’ve savored while watching anime come to life like the takoyaki from Dragon Ball and even Naruto’s ramen. They use super fresh and high quality local ingredients and you can tell with every bite. Plus, if you are looking for vegan options Tako-G usually has some super tasty specials to satisfy that as well. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to see their daily offerings.

The most satisfying Seafood Ramen!
Huge avocado stuffed with fresh grouper and Asian coleslaw paired with a refreshing cold Boquerón Blonde.

Remember that more recommendations like this for other areas of Puerto Rico’s west side and for other categories are on the way to feed your news feed so make sure to follow through WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram.

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