My West Island Journey

You could say my journey started over 4 years ago when my husband, Gabriel moved to Isabela for his new job at Infotech Aerospace Services. At the time I visited only during the weekends since I was studying and working near San Juan, but in that short amount of time I fell in love with the entire west side of the island and I was enjoying it with Gabriel so that certainly helped convince me.

After I finished college and came back from a month long solo Euro Trip, I was your regular jobless recent graduate, but at least I had no more ties to the now dreaded metropolitan area of the island.

Finding jobs in Puerto Rico alone was difficult all the more so was finding jobs related to my marketing major in the west side of the island, but after about seven months with an open mind I took a non marketing job at Axon which was luckily right next to Infotech.

By then Thorin, our white Siberian husky joined our family and we had moved to Aguadilla so we could have a better home with a fenced backyard suited for a high energy pupper.

I think that’s the best summary I can give for how I got to where I am now, but the journey is far from over. In fact, as I now start to share with you my experiences here, the journey is really just getting started. So thanks for coming along for the ride and I hope you enjoy it!

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