My Go-to Beaches in Aguadilla

Even though I’ve been living in Aguadilla for about 3 years it was not until recently that I finally visited the beach near “el pueblo” which is what we normally call the town center. The beach is called Rompe Olas and it sure was pleasant. 

This got me thinking about the beaches I normally go to and how I felt like suggesting them to you. 

I basically have 3 beaches, but surprisingly none of them are Crash Boat because that one, although beautiful with great surf and snorkel, is always packed with people and mostly loud people. I like my beach days to be more relax than that. So in order of most preferred here they are:

  1. Punta Borinquen

This is always my first option because its never crowded and even if it was there is plenty of space, although not that much with shade. If you want shade you’ll need to find a spot high above the sand dune. You won’t be close to the water, but you’ll still have a great view. This picture was taken from the spot we normally take. As you can see its also a great place to take your dog. Thorin loves it! The only draw back I’ve had with this beach is if the waves are too big that day you really can’t enjoy the water.

2. Playa Peña Blanca

This one used to be my number one go to beach because the water is incredibly clear and perfectly calm to swim in it. Unfortunately, the tides have taken most of the beach away and all you are left with now is mostly rocks. If you haven’t visited this beach I still recommend you go at least once, but go early to get a comfortable parking and beach spot.

3. Survival Beach

If you’re looking for a more adventurous feeling at the beach, this is the one for you. Survival has different spots and depending on which you prefer there’s more or less hiking involved. If you hike half way were you see these first rocks the water is shallow and usually swim-able if there’s not much current, but you still have quite a lot of rocks and could also have sea urchins. If you hike even more you’ll find a long stretch of sand which most of the time feels secluded and oh so relaxing! That spot is also great for a fabulous photo sesh like the one below. The work out is definitely worth it if you make sure to pack light.

The west side of Puerto Rico has unlimited beach options so I promise more beach recommendations are to come!

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